Entrepreneurship for Students

What they will not teach you in school!

When I graduated, I wandered around for a while with the desire to start my own business. I just did not know how or where to start.


As you read this, you may stand at the crossroads to choose whether you want to start your own business or first start working with a boss. This may be because you do not know what it is that has to be done or how or where to begin. If a desire to start applies to you, then you’ve come to the right place.


In our 100-day program for recent graduates we offer an approach in which we support you in starting your own business. We see this as a gap in the market. Many other programs fail to deliver on the most important elements of being an entrepreneur. Why would you give away a part of your business for capital when you could grow it organically?


What do you need?

  • An idea? Well not really. The desire to want to start something for yourself enough.
  • A direction where you want to make a difference? That would be nice! If not we have approaches to ideation to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Support in your business area? Yes, that’s convenient. However part of our offering is access to our wide network of industry specialists across the Netherlands, throughout Europe, and in the US.
  • A lot of savings? No, we work from available resources. Think of the things you already have, the time you have, and especially your network.


Is the program free?

Unfortunately not. However we have worked a long time to build a business model to make it as financially accessible as possible. So you need the investment of € 4500, – to pay for the 100 day program.
Think of it as an extension of your study by half a yearn which you will learn practical entrepreneurship, build your business, and walk away with an entrepreneurial mindset that will last you a lifetime.
Our intake assessment will determine the likelihood of your success and depending upon that decision we may be able to guarantee that you earn back your investment within the 100 day program.
We are also recognized educator. Therefore we can invoice without VAT as it is an educational module.


What can you expect from us?

  • We are your personal trainer, we will help you through the discipline called entrepreneurship.
  • We offer a proven approach. (More than 450 participants have gone before you)
  • We open our entire network and thereby increase your chances of success immensely.
  • We are a very diverse team and you will always see who can best help you in each step of the process.


Where companies pay us these amounts per day, you pay the same price for 100 days of solid entrepreneurial programming!


Interested? Let us know and we will schedule an intake!