Entrepreneurship for Professionals

“What if?”

Have you been wandering around for a while with the idea to start your own business? I [Thomas] had that same feeling 12 years ago. What was decisive for me to start, despite all of the doubt, was the realization that I later did not want to do ask myself, “What if I had?”


There may be several reasons to start::

  • A brilliant idea with which you fell in love.
  • You have been let go by your company.
  • You’ve created something that makes you want to take your life in an entrepreneurial direction.
  • You have knowledge or a skill you want to market to give yourself more freedom.


It may also be that you have already started as an entrepreneur and need help to grow and develop new revenue models in order to stand out in your market.


Whatever your reason may be, we are willing and able to help you.


What can we do for you?

  • We will teach you to think, decide and act like an expert entrepreneur
  • We will help you with our network of diverse specialists that can help you further your venture
  • We will look critically at your ideas and help you to convert them into a promising value proposition
  • We will guide you to revenue from your new business model
  • We will teach you to sell yourself smarter


What do we ask of you?

  • An initial investment in the 100 days program of € 4500,-.
  • The commitment to make your investment back in full during the program with our help.
  • The willingness to rely on our expertise and approach


What now?