Entrepreneurship for Businesses

Strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship
all in one package.

What we offer:

  • Teambuilding sessions during which we unleash entrepreneurial potential,
  • Aligning activities and projects to the strategy,
  • Development program for building new growth activities,
  • Online programs to scale your impact in the organization.

“Many people think that unleashing entrepreneurship within existing organizations is too hard.”

With our practical approach we are successful in aligning intrinsic motivations and believes to the company mission. And during the program we learn you or your team to think, decide and act as an expert entrepreneur. This will make your plans feasible, inspiring and most of all actionable.

What we do? We are great at breaking patterns.


Most organizations have developed some unhealthy patterns of behavior and structure over the years that worked well in the pass and are now presenting you to become agile and effective in the unpredictable market.
Some Examples of patterns we can help solve:

  • The Belief that: For real strategy we have to hire men in suits from outside, which is killing employee engagement.
  • The belief that: Employees must be told what to do and how to do it, creating a diminishing leadership style.
  • The belief that: Efficiency and effectiveness can only occur with procedures and definitions, making agility and change difficult.
  • The belief that: Larger volume offers economies of scale and therefore more opportunity for profit, making the execution of new products and services a nightmare.
  • The belief that: We must be the greatest. A market can only dominate whenever you’re big enough, preventing you from adapting to market change.
  • The belief that: All customers prefer the largest player in any market, where customers enjoy customer intimacy…
  • … and on, and on, and on.

If you also realize that it should and can be different, we have an interesting proposition for you.

What we offer to existing organizations and teams:

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Participants learn how experienced entrepreneurs think, decide and act. We have made effectuation suitable for use within existing organizations.

Team Development

Learning how to come together to a common, relevant perspective from different intrinsic motivations and how to visualize it in an actionable roadmap to ensure results.

Proven Method

Attendees will learn the latest methods and techniques and how to apply them so they can and no longer need our help in the future.

Value Creation

The development of the entrepreneurial mindset, team building, and learning new methods and techniques, all aimed to develop smarter, profitable value propositions.

“With his 24-hour nonstop hackathon and his 100 days accelerator, Thomas has given us an inspiring and highly practical experience to create new value propositions in practice and further develop our entrepreneurial abilities from within. It was a long trip and I dare say, one of the best programs ever offered by 3M.”

– Remco Ritsema –

“With the cognizance of and passion for corporate effectuation our new division of Logistic Solutions, PostNL, was made eager to turn our gaze outwards for more entrepreneurial spirit. We’re faster than before when working with others, dare to put down new concepts, and have gained flexibility and speed of action.”

– Jan Hunze –