What Drives Us

Thinking that you do not have the right DNA to be an entrepreneur is the best way to never start being an entrepreneur.


All of us at Entrepreneur in 100 Days, Effectuation academy, and De Beukelaar Group were once non-entrepreneurs. We all agree that the biggest hurdle we faced was believing the myth that the entrepreneur is born and not made. Entrepreneurship can most definitely be learned, and each of us is a testament to that fact. We derive great satisfaction from unlocking that potential in others and want to unlock it for you or your team.


In the 15 years since we started, we have proven time and time again that the entrepreneurial method is something that anyone can learn. We also grew to realize, with the addition of new team members, that many well-respected Universities and other well-meaning organizations do a poor job of teaching would-be entrepreneurs what they need to know to get started. We are the one-stop solution to all of your startup & growth needs.

Our Approach

Our approach comes from 15 years of experience in creating entrepreneurs. 450 students, dozens of entrepreneurs, and many large businesses have gone through our process and taught us what works for creating entrepreneurs as well as what does not. We are continually adding best practices to our approach so that you, our customers, can make better entrepreneurial decisions, avoid wasting time on the path to success, and avoid risky situations during your volatile startup phase.


Your business is subject to ever-changing demands from new markets and competition. With our approach you will be able to think lean to build a fully agile business all the way from the see of an idea to scaling for growth.


Wide Network

During the exploratory phase of your startup many assumptions will be tested and validated, i.e. “Is what I think true and valuable?” Making our wide network of fellow entrepreneurs available to you will help you accelerate growth by incorporating the expertise of others into your personal network.


11 Steps

A wealth of useful information exists on the Internet. The problem is that it is nearly impossible to decide which advice to follow and which is oversimplified and useless. We have integrated the best practices from multiple resources into 11 steps. With our program we will guide you to your first revenues within 100 days so that you are ready for growth and have the power of an executable plan at your disposal.

Workshop Modules

We have 5 workshop modules which cover everything that you need from the “Introduction to Effectuation” workshop to get you started in entrepreneurship, to our “Growth Hacking 101: Set a Course for Growth” workshop, all the way to “Google Sprint: How to Test Big Ideas Quickly”. Need some guidance in one specific area? Check out our workshop module options to see how we can help you be the best entrepreneur you can be.

For Students

Get the step by step guidance you need to transition into entrepreneurship!

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For Professionals

Avoid wasting time and taking on too much risk by learning how to run your business starting from just an idea.

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For Businesses

Customize quick, new growth initiatives from already existing resources, now!

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