Christopher L. Sparks


Program Manager & Co-Founder

+31 616 10 85 77





Born in 1985 in Delaware, USA, ‘Sparks’ was the definition of hyperactive throughout his childhood. His parents, Joan and Lee, decided that the best outlet for his energy was the pool and so began his successful career as a swimmer. His athletic career lasted throughout college when in 2009 he graduated from Rollins in Winter Park, Florida with a BA in Psychology and several records on the swim team.


It was during the summers between his college years that he headed down the road of entrepreneurship by starting a farmers market business with a friend in 2005. These summers, as life would later reveal, were a testing ground for his entrepreneurial spirit and stamina that, to this day, he won’t shut the hell up about. SEF Produce, though humble it may seem, allowed Sparks to reveal to himself the true value of efficiency, testing, iterating, and the complex balancing act of creating a truly sustainable business. More importantly, after several years he grew to understand the less tangible elements of business; social responsibility, the role of business within the larger social system, and the importance of empathy in every facet of his life.

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A born idealist, the winters between graduating in 2009 and the selling of his business in 2012 were spent traveling within the US and abroad. His time spent in Africa as a ‘semi-bushranger’ was especially important and humbling as well as being the first time he felt, as an individual, part of a global society. This was, for him, an experience that redefined his concept of citizenship.


Quick Facts:


– Can swim a mile in under 17 minutes, 400 meters in 3:50,
– Was the first person ever to snap a photo of a pink-morph of the South African Crimson Breasted Shrike (‘Rooiborslaksman’),
– Spent a summer working on programs to integrate the refugee population of Maastricht,
– Stands 1m90cm (6’3”),
– Once taught his neighbor how to ride a bike.


The first weeks of 2013 brought him to the Netherlands where he pursued an MSc in International Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Throughout and parallel to this year bout of studying he pursued many ventures, each drastically different than the next, thus further solidifying his alignment with an entrepreneurial lifestyle and way of thinking.


Upon meeting Thomas mid way through 2015, Sparks began as an intern at Effectuation Academy and has become Program Manager and Partner in the venture which you see today. The perfect outlet for his energy, Entrepreneur in 100 Days allows him to exploit those key strengths uncovered throughout his life.

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