Introduction to Effectuation

An explosive introduction to the entrepreneurial mindset is taking place in Oud Zuilen, just outside of Utrecht. Involve yourself in one of our intro workshops and begin growing your entrepreneurial mindset and start to think, decide, and act like an expert entrepreneur, now! We can also do an on-site for your company, team, or SME.


Whether you are a student, have recently graduated, own an SME, or are working in a corporate setting, we guarantee that you will learn something new or you can have your money back.


We will introduce the concept of effectuation and provide a workshop to facilitate your understanding of how expert entrepreneurs use this non-causal reasoning to succeed and sustain their businesses well into their IPO stage.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sparks at +31 616 10 85 77 or email him at [email protected]


You Will Learn:

  • How to increase your individual entrepreneurial capacity
  • How to claim you independence and find fulfillment through entrepreneurship
  • The most advanced, research-base approach to the entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to determine your risk tolerance and work from available means
  • How to determine what resources you have, now, that will take you forward in building your business
  • How to network like an expert entrepreneur to source expertise outside of yourself
  • How to deal with major issues faced my most entrepreneurs and turn them into advantages
  • How to orchestrate all facets of what it means to be an entrepreneur

Contact Thomas Blekman at +31 6 22 65 03 66 for booking a customized workshop for your organization.




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