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Growth Hacking is the future of marketing and we want you to know why.


Buzzwords get thrown around a lot and thus become easy to ignore. Sometimes those buzzwords finish their hype-cycle and fade away, but sometimes they change the way things are done. Growth hacking is the convergence of several mindsets and professions and will change the definition of marketing in the next decade.


The problem with growth hacking today is that far too many people misuse it to create hype around their own products or misunderstand its power and scope. Growth hacking is a holistic strategy and mindset rather than a few quick fixes. Thus it is necessary to learn about it from a systemic perspective.


This introductory workshop will provide you with a solid concept of the what, how, and why of growth hacking as well as with the mindset necessary to understand how to both hire for the growth hacker position and/ or begin your journey toward becoming a growth hacker yourself.

You Will Learn:

  • The growth hacking mindset
  • What growth hacking is and what it is not
  • What traction is and how it works, when
  • How growth hacking works from a systemic, holistic perspective
  • How to apply the growth hacking method to your business
  • Relating the entire process to your goals strategically an tactically

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