Want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
to become more agile and effective in creating new value?

Our programs and workshop modules will teach you and your team:

– the entrepreneurial mindset,
– agile changemanagement,
– entrepreneurial leadership,
– how to start your own business,
– which practical tools to use and even in what order.

All to make you or your team more entrepreneurial.

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For Students

Starting doesn’t have to be challenging. If you have an idea for a business and want to make it real, we can help you turn your dreams into reality.

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For Professionals

Making the transition from working professional into entrepreneur is an exciting challenge. Let us help you get on the fast track to making better decisions as a new entrepreneur and avoid time wasting & unnecessary risk

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For Businesses

Your company has growth potential in places you would not expect. We have 15 years of experience in drawing explosive growth from SME & corporate teams.

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Get up-close and personal with todays best practices of entrepreneurship with one of our detailed workshops. Make sure you fully understand how to use a business model, canvas, how to plan for the long term, how to growth hack, and how lean testing protects you from issues.

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‘Ondernemer in 100 Dagen’ is now out in Dutch. English coming out this summer.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset – All in One Place!

11 Steps to Cashflow

‘Entrepreneur in 100 Days’ is for starters, growers, and employees who want an all-in-one solution for their entrepreneurial problems. It will teach you the entrepreneurial mindset, help develop your strategy, and set your sails for cashflow. 


It incorporates how and when to use popular existing models such as the Business Model Canvas, Lean Pricing, Growth Hacking, and many more. This book will help you think, decide, and act like an expert entrepreneur.


It is your one-stop shop for planning your entrepreneurial path!

Price of Your Toolbox: €22,95

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We believe in a ‘try before you buy’ approach to life. Along with our blog, live workshops, and remote coaching opportunities we think you should have the opportunity to read the book before you order it.


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Entrepreneurship is an art, and we love the process. We are here to help you with your process.

Making entrepreneurship as an art-form available to everyone is what drives us – Getting you to profit is the payoff.


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Friends say nice things about us

"They have expertise, experience, commitment, and flexibility."

They have a crystal clear approach and presentation in a tailored program. Our time working with them created the proper public awareness through which we could achieve the necessary cultural changes, which then cascaded throughout our organization. They have expertise, experience commitment and flexibility in their approach.

Erik Brink

"PostNL has gained in flexibility and speed of action."

With the cognizance of and passion for corporate effectuation our new division of Logistic Solutions, PostNL, was made eager to turn our gaze outwards for more entrepreneurial spirit. We're faster than before when working with others, dare to put down new concepts, and have gained flexibility and speed of action.

Jan Hunze

"One of the best programs at 3M"

In his 24 hour non-stop Hackathon and accompanying 100 days Effectuation Accelerator Thomas provided us with a truly hands-on and energizing experience to create new business proposition and building entrepreneurial capabilities. It has been quite a journey and I can honestly say one of the best programs offered to me at 3M!

Remco Ritsema

"More than interesting mental framework."

"Effectuation Academy provided a more than interesting mental framework introducing their method to our Jong Management meeting at Euronext, Amsterdam. With sharp insights and recognizable examples we were presented with a more entrepreneurial business mentality. For me a very effective eye opener and a new way to fresh business opportunities… one step at a time."

Marijke Van Kan

Marijke Van Kan

"Impressive, intense, engaging, intimate and challenging."

“We got fantastic insight while we were challenged to introspect with great intensity and bare honesty. I have never been in a room full of scientists lost for words before. Impressive, intense, engaging, intimate, challenging in an unexpected way, awakening raw instincts, self-reflecting and self-realizing!”

Maria-Niki Mylonakou

Maria-Niki Mylonakou

"Most inspiring and entertaining"

"I met Thomas during the Intrapreneurship Conference 2014 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. His presentation was the most inspiring and entertaining at the conference and I took away many important points about Corporate Effectuation. In 2015, I invited Thomas to give a lecture on Corporate Effectuation in my course on Corporate Entrepreneurship at TU Eindhoven. True to form, all 300 students gave him an average 9 of 10 points!"

Dr. Theresa Traffers

Maak kennis met Ondernemer in 100 Dagen!

Met gepaste trots tonen we graag ons laatste boek. Registreer je hier zodat we je de pdf met de eerste drie hoofdstukken kunnen sturen.

Je gegevens worden nooit met derden gedeeld.